Chapter 10 - The Boss is Here - I Am Truly Not the Main Character (2023)

Laughing madly and drunk on power, only increase the fear in the bandits’ hearts.

The bandits no longer saw Niu Chang as a kid, but a beast.

A ferocious and fearful beast at that.

The mad laughter was echoing in the air and Niu Chang was jumping and slashing like a monkey. But his attack was no longer as brutish like before, he was saving the buff of invincibility.

He didn’t intend to let go of those bandits, but he was careful in nature, so wanted to make sure he was in his best in case something unexpected happened.

In case if this bandit hideout having a master stage or grandmaster stage expert.

His attack only immobilizes the enemies, by cutting their entire arm or leg.

“Ru-runn!” One of the bandits was no longer able to control himself and run away.

But the old and experienced bandits controlled their fear and began to surround Niu Chang.

“Attack! Don’t leave any gaps, let's see how long this beast can last.” The bandit with traces of qi in his body spoke loudly.

Since he was in an overcharged state, Niu Chang wanted to see if his qi would be replenished endlessly under the buff of invincibility.

He then started to infuse the qi in his body to strengthen his body parts.


Endless amount of qi flowed through his body and followed his thought. Then these qi entered his bones and muscle to strengthen them.

“Hahaha. This grandpa still wants more!” Niu Chang was laughing and enjoying himself very much.

The qi in his body has fixed quality and quantity, this only verified further about his hypothesis that the system only gave him a fixed amount of buff corresponding to his enemies’ strength.

The qi was like a surging river flowing with great momentum like a mad flood dragon on rampage, but this great momentum also brought hidden danger on Niu Chang’s body.

If not for multiple physical enhancements brought by regular bandits, Niu Chang’s body would suffer backlash.

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But he found something else, his body recovery speed actually increased and easily repaired his small hidden wounds.

Sensing a sudden change in Niu Chang. A fierce wind was blowing around his body, this was a sign of uncontrollable qi.

This phenomenon was normal for inexperienced martial artists, since the control over their qi was still lacking and the qi was wasted.

The knowledgeable bandits were stunned and then became pale.

They knew martial artists could strengthen their body, but low level and inexperienced ones caused unnecessary movement and wasted their qi.

But what happened to Niu Chang confronting their knowledge.

Unnecessary movement? What was that?

Backlash from overusing the qi? What was that?

Limited amount of qi? What was that?

Asking the three questions of their life, the bandits’ suppressed fear erupted to the surface once again. Even the martial artists among them become hesitant.

As they watched Niu Chang on a rampage, the wind around his body also became more powerful and chaotic.

Hey, is this still human?

While they were stunned and confused, only the laughter amplified by the qi could be heard on this battlefield- no, slaughterfield.

Slashing enemies around him, Niu Chang slowly reduced the amount of enemies that could run away.

That one bandit who ran away, was heading toward the place where his boss lives.

He knew that his boss was a strong martial artist and there were also other three martial artists that were slightly weaker than his boss.

“I need to report this!” The bandit convinced himself that he was not running away but doing an important task.

When he reached the house where his boss lives, the bandit was relieved. He calmed down his breathing and knocked on the door.

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He didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of his boss, who knows what will happen to him after the boss takes care of that kid.

Knock. Knock.

“Boss, someone attacked our base and more than five of our men have already fallen.” The man said clearly so that his boss could hear.

The door was opened with a bang.

A man appeared behind the door. Around his thirties, he was one of three vice captains in this hideout.

Brutish build and fierce facial features.

“What’s wrong? Speak clearly.” The vice captain asked.

“Vice Captain Kun.” The man was stunned, but he still explained the event. “It was a sudden attack, a boy starting attacking our men and killing them in one attack every time. One slash from him is enough to tear an adult into two.”

“A little boy?” The vice captain was confused.

“Yes, a boy, maybe around ten or eleven years old.” The man clarified the information.

Then suddenly a scream could be heard from within the house. It was a woman screaming.

“What happened?” A naked man, tall and big, his muscles were well defined and his aura was frightening.

‘The- the boss!’ The man was frightened by the appearance of his boss.

“A boy attacked our base, he said that the boy can cut an adult with one attack.” The vice captain pointed at the cowardice bandit.

“A boy?” The boss was like the vice captain with confusion written on his face.

“Yes, around ten or eleven years old.” The vice captain stared at the cowardice bandit.

The cowardice bandit nodded his head like a chicken.

“Interesting.” The boss grinned, his interest was piqued.

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In this world, there was naturally genius in everything. Since he encountered the so-called genius he became interested.

“Did he use qi?” The boss asked.

“N-no.” The cowardice bandit stammered in his words.

When hearing this the boss was thinking that the boy was born with innate divine strength which was a rare case.

But when he thought of this, he suddenly looked towards the front gate.

A sudden burst of qi attracted his attention. This sudden burst was not weak at all, almost reaching first rate martial artists.

Niu Chang was facing a third rate martial artist so the system gave him the power of a second rate martial artist. With his reckless usage of qi, his aura peaked instantly, almost reaching the aura of a first rate martial artist.

The boss then looked back at the cowardice bandit. “You said he didn’t use any qi at all?”

“Yes,” the man’s voice was so small like a mosquito.

He also felt that sudden burst of energy albeit no being a martial artist. Naturally he became afraid that he brought fake information to his boss.

“Xiao Gu, Xiao Ba came out. We got a guest.” The boss called the other vice captains.

Even before they were called, thanks to Niu Chang’s burst of power, their attention was already attracted.

The one on the left brought a pair of pants for the boss.

Fighting with one’s assets dangling freely naturally would affect their combat ability.

The vice captain on the outside suddenly spoke. “He is here.”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Niu Chang was walking calmly with a weird face. It was a mix of ecstasy and compassion.

With blood all over his body, Niu Chang’s figure entered the bandits vision. His small body was too contradictory with his aura.

As experts, the vice captains and the captain could feel that Niu Chang was full of bloodthirst but this bloodthirst was different from normal.

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Normal bloodthirst is usually like a beast which is very brutal and violence and there aso hatred bloodthirst which is driven by emotions instead of desire.

Niu Chang’s bloodthirst was like the excitement of playing. Mix of desire for violence and unrestrainedness together with joy and anticipation mixed in.

The bandits could only think about two cases which kind of background the boy in front of them has.

The first one was born as a noble in a big clan. Those who were born with a silver spoon were like this, they regard the lives of others as plaything and enjoy using their background to bully them.

To them, if you're not born from noble family then you are not a human at all.

The second one was a true demon. Those people were extreme to the limit, but they still had their reasoning. In fact their reasoning was so strong that their emotion became plaything for them.

Since they completely control their emotion, what’s the lives of others to them?

Looking at unsophisticated control over his qi, the bandits leaned more towards the second case.

There was no a young master from big clan would use such haggard and ugly clothes together with his low level control and low level cultivation method.

While walking calmly, Niu Chang never dropped his guard.

[Congratulations for increasing the proficiency of Impact to small success.]

[Congratulations for increasing the proficiency of Falling Leaf Step to small success.]

[Congratulations for increasing the proficiency of Rapid Step to small success.]

Niu Chang increased his proficiency in the three martial skills that he needed the most. He could feel information entering his mind and body. Deeply engraved to his body.

A split second felt like a long time, when Niu Chang fully controlled his focus, his body already adapted to the martial skills.

Small success, although it has small in its name, those who reached this proficiency wouldn’t dare to underestimate it.

If the proficiency could be divided into more stages, then skilled or proficient would fall under the small success stage.

Niu Chang wanted to increase his proficiency over his cultivation method, the White Heart Energy so that he could control his qi efficiently and easier.


But after experiencing the previous sudden change, Niu Chang didn’t dare to do it. So he could only do the best thing.

[Congratulations for fusingTransformation Energy and White Heart Energy.]

The fusion between cultivation methods brought a big change in Niu Chang’s body. The small and inconspicuous Transformation Energy qi suddenly devour the White Heart Energy and undergo qualitative changes.


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