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Prevent Drug Dogs From Smelling Weed & Other Drugs

There are a lot of scenarios where the 420 pot toker is pitted against the drug dog. Sometimes it’s on the side of the road during a routine traffic stop. Sometimes it’s on the sideline of a monstrous TSA line at the airport (check out our How to Sneak Drugs onto an Airplane guide). Other times, it’s in a private residence. No matter what the scenario, drug users will always attempt to dupe officers and their four-legged comrades into overlooking (or should we say…”oversmelling”) any drugs present during the search!

So are there really tricks that will help you beat drug dogs and sneak your drugs by undetected? Let’s break it down and find out what doesn’t work, and what does work!

What Makes a Drug Dog?

Dogs have an acute sense of smell and possess nearly 300 million olfactory receptors (humans only possess around 5-7 million). Dogs are also equipped with far greater brain-development for analyzing smells (about 40 times greater developed). That said, there are millions of dogs out there. So what makes a drug dog so special? Due to the extreme sensitivity of the dog’s nose, dogs have been selected by various law enforcement agencies (including the DEA, FBI, TSA and local law enforcements) and trained to sniff out marijuana and other narcotics. This special training gives the dog the ability to use its natural toolkit for detecting drugs amongst the thousands of other scents out there.

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Drug dog definition: A specially trained dog used for detection of illicit and obscure substances (drugs, explosives, currency, blood, etc) using the power of its nose (also known as a sniffer dog or a detection dog). They are commonly associated with the DEA (drug enforcement administration) and the “K-9” units of local law enforcement.

Drug dogs are typically trained in one of two ways: passive alert or active alert. Passive alert dogs will locate narcotics and then sit and stair intensely at the find until acknowledged by the handler. Active alert dogs will scratch at the location of their find. It is important to understand that most drug dogs are not trained to bark upon finding narcotics.

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Methods for Beating Drug Dogs that DON’T WORK

There are a lot of methods that just don’t work. So it’s important to understand these strategies in order to avoid meeting jail face to face after encountering a sniffer dog.

The Zip Lock Baggie

The plastic baggie has never been more overused for something other than sandwiches. Drug dealers around the world make zip-loc baggies their “choice container” for selling their weed (and other drugs as well). Drug users enjoy this system as well, reaching across the table, making fresh contact with a rolled, plump zip lock bag, exciting pure dopamine. Although the baggie has been fantastic for holding and distributing actual narcotics, it makes a very poor smell-proof container. Generally speaking, one can smell their own stash, right through the baggie, the moment it touches their fingertips. Even more complex Mylar and aluminum bags won’t work. Read it, Learn it, Remember it: Dogs smell beyond bags!

“Where the Sun Don’t Shine”

There’s one place that a drug dog can’t see, on every human being, which smells like literal $@%!…the anal cavity. For this reason, the anus becomes a hugely popular drug cavern, holding tightly onto some of the most surprising substances in many cases! Marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, amongst many others, frequent the popular establishment which is the human anus. The theory basically boils down to the idea that dogs will not be able to detect the smell of the drug due to the overwhelming smell of human feces surrounding it. This is a very commonly-believed myth. Drug dogs smell past all bull$@%!, pun intended!

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Mailing a Package

A lot of times people will consider wrapping their weed for transport in a USPS priority mailing box. After sealing the marijuana (or other drug) in a couple zip lock bag or other sealable container, it gets thrown into a priority mail box and taped up. Using 10 pounds of tape won’t help, even if every seem is completely sealed…the K-9 unit will still detect drugs in the package. Remember: cardboard and tape is not enough to trick a sniffer dog! Although this method typically involves the package remaining with the mule, some people actually even try to ship drugs this way (it won’t work – read How to Ship Marijuana and Other Drugs in the Mail to learn more).

Food Cover Up

Many people believe that inserting drugs into a zip lock baggie and submerging it into a strong scented food will disguise the smell and trick a drug dog. The smell will be disguised to human beings, who posses only about 6 million olfactory receptors; however, the canine counterpart has a far more sophisticated nose and will be able to whiff out the drugs straight through onions, garlic, and anything else attempting to cover up the stench. Some people even bake their stash into a cake, only to find out the dog understands that the weed is in the center of the cake.

Masking Agents

Masking agents are another way people think they can trick cops and K-9 searches. It is not good for an officer to approach the window, and smell cologne, axe, or other masking agents. This can be considered probable cause, incriminating, and almost always leads to a full vehicle search. The worst part? the cologne won’t even prevent the dog from smelling the pot!

Dog Food

Because dogs love food and understand the difference between human consumables and canine consumables, dog food becomes a common go-to for drug users looking to conceal the smell of their narcotics. However, the truth is, dogs are extremely smart and drug dogs have been trained to understand the difference between illicit substances and acceptable substances; thus, they will instantly understand that the drugs are concealed within the dog food. The handler will not be tricked, as the dog will only alert the handler to a bag of dog food if the dog knows there are drugs present inside.

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Methods for Beating Drug Dogs that can WORK

While there are A LOT of methods which do not work, there are still some strategies that will beat a drug dog. They are not always guaranteed to work, so it may be best to use some theories in combination.

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Fortified Air Tight Containers

Containers which have been fortified in liquid materials with masking smells, many times over again, stand a better chance at a drug dog missing the smell. This means essentially locking multiple airtight containers within one another (the center most holding the drugs), and submerging the last into a container of extremely putrid-smelling liquid, such as BANGGGGGGGGGG. Simply throwing a Tupperware into a 5 gallon bucket of water and sealing it won’t work. Even vacuum sealing bags will not work. It will take multiple air-tight containers, within one another, AND a masking liquid to lock them in place to beat a drug dog. Drug dogs smell in the parts-per-billion, this is like us being able to see a person standing almost 200 miles away. It takes EXTREMELY INSANE levels of packaging, sealing, and repackaging to get the drugs “deep enough” to miss detection.

Foods That Help

Many people “layer” curry, garlic and onion powders in between the layers of containers. Coffee grinds are another common masking agent. However, any K-9 handler will tell you: these masking agents are not enough. People put their weed in vacuum sealed bags, glass jars, cellophane, and use all sorts of masking agents and food-like distractions to try and trick drug dogs, but they will only stand even a small chance of working when used in combination with several other methods.

Cleaning the Vehicle

Canines are trained to detect more than just the marijuana and narcotics themselves, but also any place where any trace of the substance lies. This means, if a drug user has handled marijuana, and then touched the seat or steering wheel in their car, the drug dog can detect the presence of weed in the car…even if no actual marijuana remains in the vehicle. Because of this, it can be very difficult to transport marijuana…as even if the packaged marijuana is sealed securely, anything that has been touched in the vehicle may hold contaminating scents. Getting the car cleaned thoroughly before entering the vehicle with any marijuana, and ensuring no trace substance of marijuana or any other drug is in the car will better the chances. For this reason, it is imperative that every surface is cleaned thoroughly.

Note: Even when gloves are worn when handling marijuana, trace elements of the drug are still transferred to the glove and to the surface of the baggies being used to conceal the drug, thus the drug dogs will be able to detect the substance on the outside of the baggie or container.

Bag and Bleach

Bleaching the outside of the transport container is a tried and true method that has seen a lot of success throughout the years. After wrapping drugs in layer after layer of zip-locking style baggies or other air-tight containers…the trafficker would bleach the outside of the packaging, being sure to reach every single millimeter of space on the outside of the packaging. Missing any space, could mean leaving trace evidence of marijuana or other drugs on the outside of the packaging and lead to being busted.

The Best Way to Beat the Drug Dog

The best way has been proven to be a completely sealed vacuum. This does not necessarily mean a baggie as a container, but it does mean that an actual scientific vacuum must be achieved in order to prevent the smell from escaping the container. Likewise, absolutely no traces of the substance can reside on the outside of the container, or anywhere in the surrounding area. A near perfect vacuum means air always flows in, never out if there is a leak.

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Conclusions: Weed vs Drug Dogs

While there are a lot of methods for beating the drug dog, it is always best to stick with tried and true strategies that are guaranteed to work every time. Simply slapping a narcotic into a zip lock baggie will not trick a drug dog. Inserting drugs up one’s anus isn’t going to keep them from smelling it either. Drug dogs receive extensive training that costs law enforcement agencies between $2000 and $12,000 or more, depending upon the capabilities of the dog. This relatively cheap price means that large counties and cities are able to outfit many officers with a “K-9” companion, and greatly raises the probability of encountering one in a routine traffic stop.

The most important component in beating the drug dog is ensuring a true vacuum exists. Having a true vacuum means that air will only enter a container. If any air escapes or leaks from the container, it is not a true vacuum. Leaking air will be contaminated with the scent of the substance and will incur a find for the drug dog. Creating a vacuum ensures no air escapes for the dogs to smell.

It comes down to having even the smallest, tiniest molecule of pot or other drug on the outside of the container. Even a small trace evidence of narcotic exposed to the outside world will be enough for a drug dog to pin point exactly where it is. Some dogs are trained with such sophistication, they can also communicate what type of substance has been detected. Bottom line: the best plan is one which does not involve a drug dog. Avoiding sniffer dogs is imperative for drug holders, at all costs!

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Mr Hyde Says…Always remember your rights! In order for an officer to search your home, vehicle, or any other property, a warrant will be required (in most scenarios, less probable cause). In other words, probable cause means: police having some facts or evidence leading them to believe you are involved in criminal activity. And police ALWAYS need a warrant to search a locked box (including the glove box) – so store your registration somewhere else!

Disclaimer: Mr Hyde and is not responsible for your possession or manipulation of any drugs in effort to outsmart drug dogs. So seal your zip locks tight, because if you get caught, it’s going to be you that goes down!

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