Pokemon: Will Goh replace Ash as the main character of the show? (2023)

Changes are common in anime as technology evolves and the new generation takes over, but that hasn't been the case for Pokemon. The series has, for more than 20 years, had a single protagonist at the helm. With just two episodes left in Journeys and Ash now finally succeeding, it looks like that might change soon.

Ash Ketchum and his trusty companion, Pikachu, have finally achieved their goal of becoming the Pokemon World Champion. This feat comes after years and years of toil and sacrifice. The argument going on at the moment is that Journeys is the perfect way to bid him adieu and usher in a new age.

Pokemon: Will Goh be the one to replace Ash as the main character?

#pokeOTD 3 years ago (JP), we got introduced to Goh for the first time. He quickly became one of my favorite companions but he is easily the most devisive on Twitter. What do you think of Goh? #anipoke #pokemon #アニポケ https://t.co/N5H87Dj2zF

About two years ago, a Reddit user posted:

"This is Ash’s last series and Goh is his replacement."

Considering that this was uploaded two years ago, the discussion seems to have been going on for quite a while now.

Some comments opined that the franchise wouldn't think of getting rid of their main character, while others were open to the idea of Goh taking over. The series has come a long way since then, and with Ash now pretty much achieving everything, Goh could very well be next in line.

Pokemon: Will Goh replace Ash as the main character of the show? (1)

Maybe the change wouldn't be so bad.

Like Ash, Goh too aims to "catch 'em all". Despite being similar to Ash, he has enough differences to be a distinct character. In addition, his goal would be clearer than Ash's. The latter aimed to be Pokemon Master (a little vague) while Goh's ultimate aim is to capture Mew.

Goh would make sense since the audience is familiar with him. Plus, with Goh, the series would go back to the beginning of capturing every Pokemon. With Ash obtaining the top honor, it may now be time for such a return. Currently, Goh is with the Project Mew team at a location where they believe Mew to be.

Other options to move forward

Pokemon: Will Goh replace Ash as the main character of the show? (2)

Pokemon Journeys has already hinted at a new anime, most likely a Scarlet & Violet series. But who the show's protagonist will be is still a mystery. A number of names and scenarios have been put forth - each one equally interesting and unique - as to how the show can take the next step.

(Video) Goodbye Ash Ketchum, Hello NEW PROTAGONISTS in the Pokemon Anime!

Some feel that Chloe, Goh's sister, could be the one to take over. She has been majorly absent from the series, apart from appearing here and there. She is the junior-most trainer and what's more, has Evee as her partner (Pokemon’s de facto second mascot). A female protagonist exploring different regions and growing along the way would also be a breath of fresh air.

Red and Gary Oak wouldn't be bad shouts to feature in the new anime. Red's appearance will be interesting as he is familiar with Paldea following his completion of the Kalos League. Alternatively, Gary Oak's journey could receive some of the spotlight being Ash's rival, as he barely competed in Journeys.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon: Will Goh replace Ash as the main character of the show? (3)

Journeys was truly the end of the road for Ash. 25 years of struggle, hard work and dedication reached a fruitful end with the title of Pokemon World Champion. Now, it's time for something new to take over the scene.

Undoubtedly, there might be initial resistance to the idea. But the Pokemon community is a welcoming one and would surely give the new face a chance. With no official announcement on who it might be, tons of speculation and rumors continue to make rounds on the internet.

Goh stands as a major figure who can lead the show, but only time will tell whether such speculations prove to be true.

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